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Useful air duct cleaning & maintenance tips

Have you ever wondered why you need to clean your ducts, and what are the possible implications? When should you do it? Why should you do it, how, and by whom? These are all important things to know. So to get a better understanding of your vent’s requirements, read through some of these tips we at "Air Duct Cleaning Walnut Creek" have gathered here for your convenience.

Get your air vents professionally cleaned

Air vents get dirty quickly because their primary job is to filter contaminants from the air in your home. The thing is that when this dirt builds up, it sticks to the lining of the ducts interior and forms debris on it. This can cause your system to underperform. This debris also causes your vents to circulate contaminated air through your house, which is arguably a health hazard, making it crucial to conduct regular and professional air duct cleaning.

A dirty ventilation system can be hazardous

Ventilation systems that are suffering a buildup of debris from dirt and mold in their interiors can end up doing more harm than good for the quality of the air in your home. Especially in the case of mold and mildew, contaminants that spread around the home can quickly infest the house and when breathed in, can cause respiratory disorders, lung sensitivity and allergic reactions. So overlooking air vent cleaning as part of your regular maintenance is never really a viable option.

Saving power with cleaner ducts

An underperforming vent that has to overwork itself in order to be effective is undoubtedly costing you more money on electricity bills. If this is the case then there could be something wrong with your air duct seal that needs repairing. A leaking vent can end up being very costly in the long run, and isn’t expensive to fix. Or perhaps the duct is simply filthy, and needs a good cleaning. If that is the case, then you should also know that you are probably breathing in loads of contaminants because of it.

Cleaning a vent takes little time when done professionally

If you’ve been putting off getting your air ducts cleaned because you simply don’t have the time then perhaps it’s time to stop procrastinating and just get it done. Even if your house is very dusty and you smoke inside with your seven molting cats, your air vents should take no more than a single day to get cleaned. Unless you don’t use a professional company when you do it, then it could end up taking you ages, because you need to know what you’re doing and have the right equipment to do so.

Make sure these three important vent parts are cleaned

The first part of a vent that should be cleaned is the surface of the supply and return air grills. Second is these part's interior that should be cleaned as well. The third part that needs cleaning is the handler on either the furnace or air conditioner. It is essential to have all three of these areas cleaned thoroughly because if they are not, contaminants from one will quickly spread over to the others, having the it dirty again soon after the air duct cleaning.

Learn about possible resources for air duct contaminants

When we speak about contaminants what we mean is anything that you don’t want to be breathing in the air. Dust is a major source of contamination, as is pet fur. Mold and mildew can often be a source of impurities especially in damper houses. Odor-causing particles like those from cigarette smoke can also be a contaminant, all of which are the reason why it’s good to undergo air vent cleaning from time to time.

Perform annual cleaning and bi-annual inspections

In order to keep everything going the way it is supposed to with your ventilation at home, it is important to have it seen to from time to time by a technician. It is necessary to have an inspection twice a year to test the indoor air quality in your living areas and determine if your duct is working properly. This will check how many contaminants are in the air, in order to determine whether your air ducts need to be cleaned or if there is a leak somewhere in your system.

Keep a strict schedule for HVAC maintenance

The frequency of the maintenance depends on the age of the system, its components and on the environment. Older systems and those in areas with extreme weather and higher air pollution require more frequent care. Under normal circumstances, it is best if thorough maintenance is provided at least every three years.

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