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Air Duct Replacement
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The abundance of products in modern societies urges people to throw away broken things instead of trying to fix them. Nowadays, there are products for all budgets and, therefore, they don’t bother with technical work and glues, when they replace a broken vase easily and cheap. Of course, not all things are replaced as easily as a vase and, in fact, some may stay with a family for a lifetime. As a matter of fact many houses in California still have air ducts, which date back to the beginning of the last century. On the other hand, the residents of Walnut Creek love the fact that there are many open spaces and parks in the city because they can appreciate the effects of the healthy environment, but how often do homeowners remember to do air quality testing at their private properties?

Our air duct cleaning company cleans and repairs HVAC units

Air Duct ReplacementWhen the technicians of Air Duct Cleaning Walnut Creek enter your home or working place that’s exactly what they do first. They want to measure the exact levels of indoor air contamination before they move on checking the HVAC system including the air ducts. In fact, air duct cleaning is the most important part of the service because the cleaning of the unit will be pointless if the ducts are very dirty and damaged. The condition of the ducts will determine both the efficiency of your unit and the cleanliness of the atmosphere indoors.

Air is never completely clean and that’s why filters are needed. They will actually keep the microorganisms from entering into the ducts and, thus, into your house. When the filters are not in a good shape and the ducts are damaged, dirt starts gathering inside them and mold is growing due to the humidity. As time passes by, air will have a hard time reaching your room because dirt will block its way and the small quantities that will make it through will be dirty and make your unit suffer. That’s why the technicians of Air Duct Replacement Walnut Creek will replace air duct filter first.

Their main concern is to check the condition of the air ducts. They will have to clean them thoroughly first in order to have visibility to the darkest points and depths because small holes can increase the humidity that allows the development of mildew while cracks allow the entrance of harmful organisms and the escape of air towards the wrong direction. These small gaps, which will contribute to your loss 100%, are created when the connections between the duct parts are loose and the insulation insufficient.

In some cases, air duct replacement is not only the best solution, but also the cheapest. These days, the materials are more resistant and the knowledge of our technicians incomparable. They have the expertise to install new air ducts in the most convenient parts of your house that won’t jeopardize their insulation efficiency. Current installations pass through dusty and cold basements and the improper insulation compromises the right temperatures. Our technicians are very particular with the good insulation materials because they can ensure the ideal temperatures indoors and the excellent sealing of the air ducts that will guarantee the absence of air loss. The combination of good materials, our knowhow and the proper care in the future is the guarantee for a healthy life.

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