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Walnut Creek’s location has made it a center for business and entertainment due to its proximity to both San Francisco and Sacramento. The heat of a Californian summer means that the population enjoys an outdoor life and when they come indoors, they want an efficient ventilation system to keep them cool.

We specialize in air duct cleaning and coating repair

Air Duct RepairHVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) Units work all year round in California which can experience a wide range of temperatures. At air duct repair Walnut Creek we are kept busy by residential and commercial requests for maintenance to ensure that ventilation runs efficiently at all times and that involves checking the air ducts to see whether the joints and seals are secure, looking at the ducts themselves; flexible air ducts in particular can get damaged and torn. Where we find such things we can repair the damage to ensure the ventilation will be in the best possible condition.

All modern appliances need repair and maintenance and ventilation is no exception. The problem after everything externally is checked is that in order to run efficiently a ventilation system needs to be clean and that means the air ducts.

The enemy is primarily dust. Dust gathers everywhere constantly and is cleaned away each day in business premises before they even open and on a daily basis around the house. Unseen dust gathers in the air ducts at a similar rate whether the seals and joints are airtight or not. If they have been damaged then the rate will be even higher than the three pounds per month that a large house can expect.

Vacuums can remove all that dust and the dirt which lodges itself on the walls of the air ducts. Once the vent grills are brushed clean then the ventilation system can be switched on again; the change will be immediate.

Air that has had to pass through all this dust and grime will always be of poor quality; stale with germs and bacteria that can be harmful to everyone never mind the asthma sufferers and those with chest or cardiac problems. Once that grime is removed there will be no need for air fresheners which hide the odor of stale air.

Business has a responsibility to its staff and visitors, places of entertainment for the public have a responsibility to their customers. No smoking legislation has certainly made a contribution to clean air but it would be unwise to think nothing else has to be done. We can help businesses of any size with the repair and maintenance of their air ducts.  There is really only a matter of scale between the small apartment and the large business premises. We are keen to offer our advice along the way because service industries are about credibility and reputation, two things we believe we have achieved.

Restaurants will perhaps be as keen as anyone to provide good indoor air quality; a nice atmosphere and a nice meal are the two things that bring customers back, and get a reputation within the community. We can do repair and maintenance and advise on how regularly everything should be checked and cleaned. It is the way we can achieve exactly what the restaurant wants, regular satisfied custom.

We are a telephone call away and we will respond quickly to any enquiry from customers new and old.

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